How to Identify a Genuine Yonex Badminton Racket

Counterfeits of Yonex Rackets being so common these days, it is important to know how to identify fake rackets.

  1. Price – It is the first factor you need to look into. Rs. 2000 product cannot be sold for Rs. 200. If price is too good to be true, it probably is and the product is fake. If you prefer a less expensive racket, then go with a different brand. As originals of other brands would be better than counterfeit products.
  2. Serial Number –There should be two serial numbers on Yonex Rackets, one on the shaft and the other on the cone
    • Serial Number on Shaft - It is a 7 digit unique racket code that is unique to the country of distribution 
    • Serial number on Cone – It refers to when the racket was produced, in the format of DDMMYXCC. This format is explained below
            • DD and MM represent Date and Month of production
            • Y is the year. For example, if Y is 0, then the production year is either 2000 or 2010. A quick research to see when the model you purchased was released should validate the authenticity of serial number and your racket
            • X is model revision number. Rackets that have a lot of generations gets a higher number for each generation.
            • CC represents country of distribution. Below is the list of country codes used by Yonex.

          AS: Australia
          BX: Belgium/Netherlands
          CD: Canada
          CH: China
          CN/CP: Chinese National Team
          DK: Denmark
          FR: France
          GR: Germany
          HK: Hong Kong
          ID: India
          IP: International Player (allegedly)
          KR: Korea
          MA: Malaysia
          NZ: New Zealand
          SD: Sweden
          SP: South Pacific (other SEA countries?)
          TH: Thailand
          TW: Taiwan
          UK: United Kingdom
          US: USA

          1. Serial Number Inquiry – You can also check the authenticity of the serial number on your racket by contacting Yonex Representatives or inquiring on forums such as Badminton Central and Badminton Forum.
          2. Engraved – Also, these serial numbers are laser engraved on genuine Yonex rackets. Rackets with printed serial numbers could be an indication of counterfeits.
          3. Carry case – This is another give away of counterfeited products. All Yonex cases come with thin internal padding
          4. Grommets – Original rackets have thicker and higher quality grommets
          5. Other ways to identify fake products
            • Incorrect Logo and Brand paint color/font on Racket, Grip, String, Carry case and the plastic wrap around the handle
            • Incorrect Grommet size
            • Wrong Hologram
            • For Pictures and more info on this, visit Yonex link below


          Get Expert Help -

          Are you buying the original product? 
          Check this link to see how to spot the Fake products from Yonex.

          You can post an inquiry on Badminton Central in “Fake Racket inquiry format” shown below to get expert opinion on the authenticity of your purchase

          Badminton Central forum Link where you can post your inquiry:           

           Identify Fake Racket inquiry template for Badminton Central forum:

          ---->8----(include this line) ---->8---
          racket model: Yonex XXXX XXXX
          shaft serial: 1234567
          cone code : 123456AB
          source : shop name, location 
          price : Rs.
          ---->8---- (include this line) ---->8---



            Astrox 99
            Shaft no 4170093
            Cone no 172807JP

          • Ray Zuñiga

            racket model: Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 (yellow)
            shaft serial: 8099424
            cone code : 202018JP

          • Ravindu

            Shaft: 8023800
            Cone: 788706JP
            Is that original?

          • Seah kiam hion

            ZV code on my astrox 88D pro ?country code of origin

          • Seah kiam hion

            ZV code on my astrox 88D pro ?country code of origin

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