How to Identify a Genuine Li-Ning Badminton Racket

We are asked about this a lot at our store and hopefully this post will help answer the question

All Genuine Li-Ning Rackets come with an Authenticity Label, like the one shown in the image below. Does yours have one?

Follow these simple steps to verify your racket's authenticity:

  1. Scratch away the Li-Ning logo to see your anti-counterfeiting code
  2. Then go to
  3. Click on the first circle (16-bit digital security) like shown in below image
  4. That brings up a screen as shown in the below image. Enter the Anti-counterfeiting Code from your racket in the first box and then enter the Verification code shown next to the second box. Then click on "Check", which is the first button from left

Word of caution: Some of Li-Ning beginners series rackets may not have the label. However, intermediate and professional rackets have these labels.

Happy checking!!


  • Rumon

    I purchase a leening 3d caliber 300 badminton racquet but its not fulfill my will when i play thats why i want to know my racquet is original or fake, how i know

  • Biplob

    i purchased a airstream n99 racket by someone,but there is no qr code to scan & verify.A numbe (43167tbe5757) is in the the racket is original??i got extra string and grip,that is original,i checked.let me know the racket is original or not

  • Kamal Kumar

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us. in identifying lining badminton racket.,manufacturers9

  • Iaiphyrnai Nongshli


  • siva sankar bathina

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